2nd of February

008.00 – Registration

08.45 – Welcome remarks

09.00 – 10.20 FIRST SESSION Complex vitreoretinal surgery

Moderators: Paolo Arpa, Vito de Molfetta, Marco Pileri

09.00 – Traumas Giuseppe Scarpa

09.10 Managing no light perception eyes after open globe injury Marco Zarbin

09.20 – PVR today Daniele Tognetto

09.30 – The five rules for dealing with my nightmares Grazia Pertile

09.40 – What role does the episclaral have today? Paolo Radice

09.50 – Discussion of the above topics Panel: Raffaello Di Lauro, Claudio Panico, Franco Passani, Marco Vecchi

10.20 – 11.50 SECOND SESSION – Visual function in VR surgery

Moderatori: Enrico Bertelli, Emilio Rapizzi

10.20 – Surgery or observation in Macular Surgery: how to predict the visual outcome Teresa Sandinha

10.30 – The functional perspective in retinal detachment surgery Louis Giavedoni

10.40 – Primary vitrectomy: do’s and don’ts for the best functional recovery Michele Coppola

10.50 Pneumatic retinopexy: the kind friend Derri Roman-Pognuz

11.00 – Predicting and improving outcome in macular hole Umberto Lorenzi

11.10 – Discussion of the above topics Panel: Stefano Vita, Flavio Foltran, Giorgio Santin, Federica Romanelli

12.30 – Lunch

14.30 – 15.40 THIRD SESSION Retinal surgery and beyond

Moderatori: Roberto Cian, Vittorio Picardo

14.30 – Glaucoma post vitreoretinal surgery: a whole different story Giorgio Marchini

14.40 – Transplantation and ocular surface in vitreoretinal surgery: what we need to know Paolo Rama

14.50 – It’s not just a simple cataract Scipione Rossi

15.00 – What to do when there is nothing left to do – the aesthetic rehabilitation Alessandra Modugno

15.10 – Discussion of the above topics Panel: Romeo Altafini, Giorgio Beltrame, Gianluca Capello, Carlo Salati, Tarcisio Sibilla

Moderatori: Edoardo Midena, Sandro Saviano

15.40 – What the future holds for us Francesco Bandello

15.50 – New formulations, new regimens, new combinations: how to navigate Chiara Eandi

16.00 – Biomarkers-driven therapy: are we there yet? Paolo Lanzetta

16.10 – Cell-based therapies for atrophic AMD Eyal Banin

16.20 – Imaging: what to keep and what to change Elisabetta Pilotto

16.30 – Discussion of the above topics Panel: Giorgio Boschi, Stefania Miotto, Stefano Piermarocchi

17.00 – 18.20 FIFTH SESSION – Retinal vasculopathies

Moderatori: Francesco Bandello, Arturo Carta

17.00 – Diabetic retinopathy: new insights Edoardo Midena

17.10 – Treatment of DR today Anat Loewenstein

17.20 – Diabetic retinopathy in 2030 Tien Wong

17.30 – Why and how to do diabetic retinopathy surgery today Francesco Boscia

17.40 – 10 years of IVT in venous occlusions: do we have it all figured out? Maurizio Battaglia Parodi

17.50 – Discussion of the above topic Panel: Ezio Cappello, Francesca Menchini, Giovanni Rappo, Luigi Spedicato

3rd of February

08.30 – 10.00 SIXTH SESSION – Rethinking ophthalmology to leave no one behind

Moderators: Claudio Azzolini, Paolo Nucci

08.30 – How new technologies are changing the approach to retinal diseases Andrea Grosso

08.40 – Machines and diseases: what can we expect? Federico Cabitza

08.50 – New scenarios and new responsibilities in retinal disease management today Teresio Avitabile

09.00 – Digital innovations in retinal diseases: from technology to implementation Tien Wong

09.10 – How we will manage the surgical patient Paolo Zanatta

09.20 – The scientific society of the future: the driver of change! Michele Allamprese

09.30 – Discussion of the above topics Panel: Massimo Camellin, Stefano Fabris, Stefano Miorin, Marco Tavolato, Nicola Zemella

With the contribution of Banca degli Occhi del Veneto ONLUS

Moderators: Diego Ponzin, Luigi Caretti

10.00 – Retinitis Pigmentosa caused by Mutations in the FAM161A Gene: Steps on the Path to Gene Therapy Eyal Banin

10.10 – Update on cell transplantation to treat degenerative retinal disease Marco Zarbin

10.20 – Robotic surgery and new techniques: game or useful reality? Anat Loewenstein

10.30 A phase I/IIA trial to test safety and feasibility of an autologous iPS cell-derived retinal pigment epithelium patch in age-related macular degeneration patients Kapil Bharti, Ruchi Sharma

10.40 – Modeling Age-related Macular Degeneration with 2D iPSC-derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium and 3D iPSC-derived Outer Blood-Retina Barrier Ruchi Sharma

10.50 – Discussion of the above topics Panel: Andrea Grosso, Derri Roman-Pugnoz, Antonio Polito

11.10 – 12.30 EIGHTH SESSION – ROP and Pediatric surgery: when you can’t make mistakes

Moderators: Paolo Nucci, Silvia Pignatto

11.10 – Challenging optic nerve: the silent revolution Paolo Nucci

11.20 ROP today Domenico Lepore

11.30 – Surgical approach to stage 4 ROP Chien Wong

11.40 – Surgical approach to stage 5 ROP Georges Caputo

11.50 Retina is not an island Paola Lago

12.00 – Discussion of the above topics Panel: Piero Ceruti, Diana Gioulis, Nicola Leuzzi, Alessandra Radin

12.30 – End of the Meeting