Treviso can proudly claim to be one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the Veneto. There is a wealth of things to see: romantic canals, historic palazzi overlooking waterways or elegant piazzas, relaxing strolls along the river, and local food and wine treasures such as radicchio and prosecco. The city centre is a wandering maze of streets lined with porticoed pavements: look up and you will see fragments of the frescoes that once adorned the houses of Treviso. The city is surrounded by walls and waterways. Although it can hardly be compared to Venice, water is also an important feature of the urban landscape in Treviso. The river Sile flows south of the centre, and canals carry water around the city, lined with houses or grassy quays, weeping willows, water wheels and small parks. The defensive walls of the city, protected by the moat, are imposing and the view is still impressive today.